17 – 23 Sept 2017
Tribawana Batik

tribawanaA 7-day workshop of batik’s inner journey and outer practice
17 – 23 September 2017
(18 – 22 Sep non-residential)
Awaken your creativity through Java’s ancient Three Worlds Creative Process with tradition keepers and batik artists Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam

Space limited to 10 participants



21 – 25 October 2017
Original Colours

Original-ColoursA 5-day workshop on Indonesia’s natural dye traditions
21 – 25 October 2017
(22–24 Oct non-residential)
Explore the making, meaning and application of Indonesia’s traditional textile arts through natural dyes, swatch dyeing, and a personal batik project

Space limited to 8 participants


26 Nov – 2 Dec 2017
Weaving Week

Weaving-WeekA 7-day workshop on ikat, natural dyes
and backstrap looms
26 Nov – 2 December 2017
27 Nov–1 Dec non-residential
Make a small, weft ikat patterned textile, coloured with indigo blue, tannin brown and morinda red natural dyes, using a modified backstrap loom

Space limited to 6 participants

10 – 16 December 2017
Batik Week

Batik-WeekA 7-day residency on natural dyes
for batik artists
10 – 16 December 2017
(11–15 Dec non-residential)
Discover how traditional natural dyes interact and change through the batik process on different fibres while developing a natural dye batik project

Space limited to 8 participants