About Us

Threads of Life would not function were it not for the dedication of a skilled team of field staff,
administrators and retail staff.We pride ourselves on employing women and men from across the 
archipelago. Our staff is from the islands of Bali, Java, Timor and Sulawesi and represents the Hindu,
 Moslem, Catholic and Protestant faiths.

I Made MaduartaI Made Maduarta (Pung)
Co-Founder and Staff Ethnobotanist
Ubud, Bali

“When I visit a weaver’s family home in a remote village somewhere, and there are dirt floors, curtains instead of doors in the door frames, no electricity or running water, and the chairs we all sit on are gathered from among the neighbors, and yet a beautiful meal is served to us using everything they have available that day, I am reminded what true generosity is, and what faith in life is. I feel there is an exchange going on: I share my understanding of business with them to help them achieve material prosperity; they share their understanding of community with me and I learn invaluable lessons about maintaining relationships.”

Jean Howe
Co-Founder and Co-Director
Ubud, Bali

“I enjoy sharing the rich cultures and traditions of these weaving communities with guests from other countries. I love sharing stories and giving visitors an idea of how vital and yet fragile these traditions are, and experiencing that sense of our interconnectedness.”

William Ingram
Co-Founder and Co-Director
Ubud, Bali

“I have come to understand the local cultures, manners and customary law of different regions while working with Threads of Life. I always find it very rewarding to visit the communities and see their dedication to the weaving and natural dye processes over the years. I feel that I have family all over the archipelago!”

Aprilia SaraswatiAprilia Saraswati
Retail Staff
Magelang, Jawa tengah

“I am happy to be working at Threads of Life because I can work and learn at the same time. At Threads of Life I am learning about my own culture through the traditional textile art. I am proud that I can support these weavers who are all magnificent and creative women. Threads of Life is my small way of making a contribution as an Indonesian to preserving our natural environment and continuing the natural dye weaving heritage by sharing information with the local and international community.”

Ni Wayan WetiNi Wayan Weti
Gallery Manager
Denpasar, Bali
“When leading a tour of Balinese weaving communities it is rewarding to be able to explain about what we are seeing, and to see people comparing the quality of textiles they can find in the villages with what is commissioned for the gallery. In 2006, I went to the YPBB Foundation’s Nusantara Weavers’ Festival in Timor and met weavers from many of the cooperatives Threads of Life works with. That was a wonderful experience.”

Gde Bagawad GithaI Gde Bagawad Githa
Finance Manager
Kedewatan, Ubud
“I value being able to study while I work and to help other people in way that fits with my character and way of thinking. It’s also been exciting to learn about other parts of Indonesia.”

Wayan SuparianiNi Wayan Supariani (Yansu)
Administration Manager
Bangli, Bali
“I’ve worked at Threads of Life since 2003, and what continues to impress me is the work atmosphere.  It’s safe, pleasant, peaceful, and prosperous and is managed family-style. I’ve had many new experiences, I have learned a lot, and I am given many opportunities to continue learning and growing.  I now appreciate the textiles, including the production processes, the stories of the motifs, the ritual uses, and the culture. And I understand much more about lives of the women who make them and the challenges they face.”

Daud ManggalatungDaud Manggalatung
Field Ethnographer and Interpreter for Sulawesi
Rantepao, Sulawesi
“There is openness amongst us at Threads of Life. We know each other like family, even though we may be far apart. In Sulawesi, which is the only area I can really talk about, Threads of Life grants the weavers their full rights, particularly concerning the price they get for their textiles. I mention this because the reality for these weavers and communities in Sulawesi is often otherwise. Is there anything we are doing that I’m not proud of? Not at the moment. And what of future progress- who knows? It will be determined by the decisions of the communities we work with.”

Asri DewantariI Gusti Ayu Asri Dewantari
Accounting Assistant
Blahbatuh, Bali
“After I first joined Threads of Life, at the first monthly staff meeting, I suddenly felt like I was in the middle of a big family. When I first arrived I didn’t know anything, but everyone was so patient in the way they showed me what to do.”

Komang SujataI Komang Sujata
Field Staff and Natural Dyer
Pejeng, Bali
“Coming to understand the names, types and places of origin of the textiles we sell has been important to me, as has making all the friends I have here.”

Iluh MarianiI Luh Mariani
Staff Conservator
Bangli, Bali
“What is most important to me is the friends I have made at work: they are like a family. I have learned to stand up for myself too, when dealing with local suppliers for the office, and have overcome my inhibitions when struggling to talk to customers at the gallery who don’t speak English or Indonesian.”

I Wayan SukadanaI Wayan Sukadana
Field Staff and Natural Dyer
Ubud, Bali
“Because of Threads of Life I have come to know the motifs and qualities of traditional ikat textiles. More than that, I have been able to visit the exact places these textiles come from and make many friends among the weavers and dyers we work with.”

Komang DarminiNi Komang Darmini
Administrative Assistant and Weaver
Pejeng, Bali
“My colleagues here are like my family. We are very social, but we are also disciplined in our work.  I’ve learned a lot from this about how to manage my time and value other peoples’ work, especially the weavers and, of course, the textiles they make.”

Ni Made Desa PerwaniNi Made Desa Perwani (Tutut)
Administrative Assistant & Facilitator
Ubud, Bali
“When I think back on my time with Threads of Life, the strongest impression was made when I was made the Master of Ceremonies for the opening of an exhibition on Balinese textiles in December 2006.  It was my first experience of speaking in English to an audience of two hundred people! I was nervous, but I enjoyed it and was proud to have contributed to the events success.”

Ni Putu Ena MarbeyaNi Putu Ena Marbeya
Administration Accounting
Ubud, Bali
“I enjoy working for Threads of Life because the people in this organization respect each other and we are doing something that is good for Indonesia and the world. Even though I am working in the accounting department, I am encouraged to learn more about textiles. We have monthly talks by the people who have been working in the fields with the communities and here I am able to learn about each area and their textiles. I know that if I want to move into another area of the organization in the future that I can do that as we are all encouraged to learn and grow. I am glad for the opportunity to work with Threads of Life.”

Putra Susangka
Human Resources and Information Technology Consultant
Denpasar, Bali
“When I was invited to join Threads of Life I felt very honored. It was at a time when elsewhere I had no recognition. At Threads of Life I have been able to develop my potential and felt much supported in doing so.”