Collaboration with Rana Helmi

If you visit our Ubud Gallery, you will find some beautiful pieces of of wearable art. in 2014, we collaborated with Rana Helmi to turn some of the textiles in vests, coats and other winter wear. Some of the pieces modeled here by our very own Jean Howe!



A beautiful collaboration between Threads of Life and Rana Helmi

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Discovery1“The distinctive, ancient black-and-white chequered cloth from Bali known as poleng typifies the island’s world view about the complementary nature of opposites such as good and evil”

The Bud

2011-theBudmag“Ibu Dayu Ngurah Puniari is a linchpin in preserving Bali’s cultural traditions. Her speciality is textiIe weaving, and her focus is on researching its significance in the context of Balinese Hindu ceremonial rites.”

Field Notes Guam

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“How can I identify with the culture of my grandfathers and grandmothers and still participate in this modern society?”

In 2010 the University of Guam wrote a grant to bring a Threads of Life exhibition as well as a Traditional Teacher to Guam. The exhibit was to show the material culture of the remote traditional communities of Indonesia that Threads of Life works with and the sense of pride that these communities have for these cultural expressions as seen in the quality of their work.


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