The Bud

2011-theBudmag“Ibu Dayu Ngurah Puniari is a linchpin in preserving Bali’s cultural traditions. Her speciality is textiIe weaving, and her focus is on researching its significance in the context of Balinese Hindu ceremonial rites.”

Bali Style

2010 Bali Style

“The Threads of Life team believes in creating a connection between the weaver, the buyer, and whoever uses the cloth. An information card accompanying each purchase states the weaver’s name, her location and the community’$s name.”


The Bud

2010 TheBud

“In Indonesia the seasons are stitched together with cotton… Whenever there’s a particular ceremony going on people will be wearing traditional dress. Textiles are involved when offerings are made… And then you have weddings and funerals, which are often seasonal as well, where textiles are exchanged as gifts.”


Textile Perspectives

2007 Textile PerspectivesTraditional textile crafts, Industrial design and quilts as art.

“The work of Threads of Life presents a heartening and instructive example of what can be achieved to enable people to nurture skills, develop economic independence and preserve their cultural values for the future.”