Garuda (Inflight Magazine)

2004 Garuda

“At the heart of the Threads of life approach is the observation that traditional textiles are the primary material symbols of traditional culture across much of eastern Indonesia and the single largest source of cash income for many women.”



2004 worldBridging the cultural and experiential gap for expatriates living in Indonesia.

“Yayasan Pecima Budaya Bebali has begun to revitalize knowledge, use and production of Bebali textile so it can remain a part of Balinese culture.”



2003 PolengMade Wijaya’s Magazine containing commentary on Bali.

“There are two groups entitled to wear poleng [black and white checked cloth in Bali]. Those who have the authority to say what is black and what is white – rulers, governors – and those, like priests, who have the right because of who they are.”


Textile Fibre Forum

2003TextilePublication covering contemporary and historical textile arts and crafts mainly in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

“Threads of Life was founded in 1998. Its main aims are to sustain and encourage the traditional textile arts of Indonesia and to promote their beauty and value, and educate people about their history and meaning.”


Art Monthly Australia

2003 Art Monthly AustraliaMagazine containing commentary, news and reviews on the visual arts.

“Each of the Indonesian textiles can be read as a text. They tell stories of the places and people from whom they come, and they contain meanings and symbolism that underpins the cultural identity and beliefs of the societies from which they emerge.”



2002 NirvanaMagazine containing commentary on fine living in Indonesia.

“Step into Threads of Life and there’s magic on the walls. The Ubud-based gallery does much more than buy and sell and is as much a museum and resource centre as a shop”