Tea & Textile Tales: Our first Pop-Up Store

Tea and Textile Tales

We are bringing Threads of Life and tales of the spice trade to Biku in Seminyak for a special one-day only event. Come and learn about Indonesia’s incredible textile arts heritage and maybe even fall in love with a few pieces.

The Threads of Life team will have textiles, baskets, cushions and more for you to browse, so come in and talk to us about the places the textiles come from, the cooperatives that created them and what dyes were used.

Special Indonesian-inspired high tea begins at 3pm, along with a talk by Threads of Life founder William Ingram who will take us on a journey across Indonesia and through 2000 years of pan-Asian trade as evidenced in the amazing designs and motifs we see today.

Exhibition & pop-up store: 10am – 10pm
Reservations for tea essential: Rp. 110,000 p/ person (Update: SOLD OUT)

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Featured in The Telegraph’s article on Bali

A great article from The Telegraph focusing on Bali’s arts and crafts. To read the full article, click here.

Here’s what they had to say about Threads of Life:

“The crafts are often made in the rural parts of Bali, and across Indonesia. Ubud’s Threads of Life has beautiful batik and ikat sarongs that make intricate, decorative wall hangings. Profits are returned to the villages where they are made – 40 cooperatives on 11 Indonesian islands.”

The Telegraph- In Awe of Bali's Arts


Textiles, Animism & Mepetik Ceremony in Bali

Telung Oton or Mepetik at the home of Threads of Life staff Komang Darmini

Telung Oton or Mepetik at the home of Threads of Life staff Komang Darmini

The importance of textiles in Balinese ceremonies is most evident in the life cycle ceremonies called Munusa Yadnyathat are celebrated throughout a person’s lifetime. These include the Megedong gedongan (during the seventh month of pregnancy), Dapetan (upon returning to the family house after birth), Kepus Pungsed (a ceremony at the village crossroad at the time the umbilical cord falls off), Mecolong(12 days after birth when the mother and baby can first enter the kitchen), Akambuan (42 days after birth there is another ceremony at the crossroads), Telung Bulanan (3 months), A Oton (6 months), Telung Oton (18 months),Menek Kelih (puberty rite), Mesanggih (toothfiling as a coming of age ceremony), and Pernikahan (marriage).

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A Month of Ceremonies In Tenganan

Slide 1

The village street of Tenganan Pegeringsingan.

Tenganan Pegeringsingan is a well known village in Bali, best known for the famous double-ikat geringsing textiles. Every year from mid-June there is a full month of ceremonies called Ngusaba Sambah during which the women and men of the village are often dressed in their finest traditional costumes.


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A New Rangda Mask for Ubud, Bali

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Pung with the new sacred Rangda mask.

In early April this year I was working at my computer when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Pung, in Balinese temple wear, with a big smile on his face. “”Get dressed,”” he said. “”Come with me to the graveyard!”” What an offer! But over the years I have learned to listen when Pung makes these kinds of urgent suggestions.

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