Eskayel and Threads of Life in Vogue

Incredibly honored to be part of a collaboration with Eskayel to create a new indigo ikat collection, which has now been featured in Vogue magazine! To browse the whole collection, head to the Eskayel shop. To read the Vogue article, click here. 

To craft these beautiful textiles, she partnered with Threads of Life, a fair-trade organization that works to alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia. It was a slow process, but the end results are striking. The new collection includes large floor pillows, bedding sets, and specially made frames to hang and display the swaths of indigo ikat fabrics. For a Brooklyn-based design studio, the beauty of Bali never felt so close.


Meeting the Weavers of Sumba Face to Face

By Threads of Life Gallery Staff: Iluh, Desak and Lia

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(Left to right) Iluh, Lia and Desak. Our flight from Denpasar to Sumba.

We have been working in the Threads of Life Gallery in Ubud Bali as sales staff for the past number of years. We often sell textiles woven by weavers in Sumba so we recognize all of their names, but this March we had the chance to actually fly to Sumba and meet the weavers face to face.


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The Blue of Hamba Praing


Full moon over the coastal plain at the end of the monsoon

The coastal road west of East Sumba’s main town of Waingapu sees little traffic. The villages are few and far between on a coastal plain that slopes up from the foreshore’s mangroves to the foot of an escarpment. Houses are surrounded by fenced cornfields, but most of the thin and rocky soil is given to savannah grasses and the livestock that they feed. Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) is also grown, and where it is seen, weavers and dyers are sure to be found.

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