Threads of Life featured at Umajati Retreat

Threads of Life has a sister! Umajati Retreat is a lush garden property hosting two elegantly converted hundred-year-old Javanese teak wooden homes that provide 21st century living in 19th century houses. And of course it features Threads of Life textiles in every room.

Using Threads of Life Textiles at Umajati Retreat. Lamp shade java pillows Tuban Java Wall hangings Lou Zeldis

Threads of Life textiles handspun heirloom cotton pillows from Tuban Java at Umajati Retreat

Using Threads of Life Textiles at Umajati Retreat-bedthrow and pillows from Tuban Java

Textiles from Savu and Sulawesi, pillows from FLores and Java, and Lou Zeldis as wall hanging