Natural Dyed Meterage

    We employ seven dyers who together bring over fifty years of experience to their natural dye practices, both in the studio and in the field. In the studio, our production practices privilege quality, consistency and colorfastness. Our field work focusses on traditions that have degraded and are being recovered, documenting local dye recipes and processes, and testing them in the studio before taking suggested refinements back to the communities. In the dye garden, we establish cultivation and harvesting methods to address plant resource scarcity being faced by traditional dyers.
    This combination of skill sets and experience is applied to the meterage we dye for use in garment making and home decor. We use time-tested, colourfast traditional Indonesian dye recipes using plant dyes and plant mordants, and without synthetic modifiers. All our work is by-hand, from the scouring, through the dyeing and finishing.
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