Product Use Disclaimer

Customers are responsible for the use of natural dye products purchased from Threads of Life. Our staff and website does its best to assist customers in estimating quantities, procedures and products. Dye recipes should be tested prior to all projects. Threads of Life will not be held responsible for cost of products and/or labour to produce finished projects. Instructions are available free with each product purchased; please ensure you read and understood them before beginning.

The information given on this website and otherwise supplied to users is based on our general experience and, where applicable, on the results of tests on samples of typical manufacture. However, because of the many factors which are outside our knowledge and control which can affect the use of these products, neither Threads of Life nor the manufacturer can accept liability for any injury, loss or damage resulting from reliance upon such information.

All persons handling dye products should take precautions to avoid accidental ingestion, inhalation, skin/eye contact, and should be aware of any limitations of specific products. If dye products get into the eyes by accident, wash thoroughly with water and obtain medical treatment. Prolonged or repeated contact with skin should be avoided. Wear rubber gloves and use implements to stir solutions and dye baths. Inhalation of dusts should be avoided. If the dyes and/or associated chemicals are handled where particles may become airborne, a suitable dust respirator should be worn. The utensils used for dyeing should not be used for other domestic purposes.