Lou Zeldis Batiks

    Lou Zeldis, who passed away in 2012, described his approach to his art as “Modern Eyes, Ancient Hands”. He was enchanted by how world cultures expressed themselves in the form of textiles and worked closely with batik artisans on Java to create an extensive body of batiks using traditional techniques of hand-drawn wax-resist patterning and natural dyes. Lou's masterful designs were inspired by nature, found objects, and his travels across the world. He was an artist, a collector, and a supporter of all things beautiful, mystical, ancient and new. The body of work manifested in his sixty-eight years is staggering; it is the product of genius. Lou created timeless magic.
    In 2021 Lou's estate granted Threads of Life the opportunity to reproduce his batik work. We have reengaged with his producers and, by combining detailed documentation of his designs and colour schemes with our natural dye expertise, we are bringing Lou's incredible body of work back to life.
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