Behind Being

I met filmmaker Quincy Davis in March, when he asked to interview me for a documentary he was planning to make about the importance of culture and community. I said yes and we spent a couple of hours talking in front of his camera. He just sent me the trailer for his film, and it is amazingly beautiful, both visually and in the way the images expand the narrative.

Please have a look at his trailer on Kickstarter, where he is raising money to fund the production of the full 20-minute documentary. This is a very worthwhile project.

During our interview I was immediately struck by the intelligence of Quincy’s questions. I do a lot of talking about what Threads of Life does, and have answers to most questions ready to hand. But with Quincy I had to pause often to consider my replies; he wasn’t putting me on the spot, he was just making me think, and drew out of me some answers I didn’t even know I had. He obviously did a lot of homework to come up with such insightful questions, and I am excited to see what he can say with 20 minutes of film.