Made with repeated applications of wax resist and dye, a batik mirrors the layers of cultural influence embodied in Java’s batik art. We continue the work of designer Lou Zeldis, collaborating with his producers, and combining his detailed documentation of designs and colour schemes with Threads of Life's natural dye expertise to bring Lou's incredible body of work back to life. We work with the Brahma Tirta Sari studio as it reimagines the batik traditions of Central Java. Inspired by watching a dancer wearing a batik cloth, and realizing that motifs were meant to be seen in motion and incompletely, Brahma Tirta Sari artists Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam reinterpret traditional batik motifs in their wearable art and home decor. In northern Central Java, Threads of Life works with farmers to preserve cotton varieties, with elderly women who weave cotton cloth, with younger women who apply wax designs, and with the few remaining natural dye houses.
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