Rebecca Manners and Threads of Life Collaboration: Limited Edition Bags

We met Rebecca in Bali last year during the Covid pandemic, but it feels that we have known each other forever as we share so many of the same values. A sister indeed whose energy and compassion came at a time when we were feeling overwhelmed and at a loss. With Rebecca (Bex) we discovered that by collaborating we could blend the textiles from our weaver groups with her sense of design and create a whole new entity reflecting the beauty of these cultures. Thank you Bex for helping us find our way through these financially and emotionally draining times.

This is our second Threads of Life x Rebecca Manners collaboration, this time with textiles from Flores and Timor, and Bex has created some stunning concepts expressed in her bags and her ideas about how to live with these textiles in your home. We look forward to the response to this collection, as the last collection was sold out in less than a month!

The Rebecca Manners Collective

Rebecca Manners Collective is a global artisanal design studio dedicated to meaningful connections that last beyond any object. Our mission is to innovate and save craft from extinction, celebrate indigenous wisdom, empower communities and create a sustainable future through co-creation and collaboration.

Rebecca Manners, known as Bex, is an artisanal designer based between Bali and Europe. Her namesake design studio is built on the philosophy that bespoke jewelry and objects are deeply connecting to the human experience and have the power to enrich people’s lives, creator as well as collector. Having developed her own ‘Art of Slow’ approach through her work with artisans around the world, Bex currently works in close collaboration with Indonesian and Burmese masters of craft to create contemporary silhouettes while preserving traditional techniques.

Born and raised in Menorca, Bex spent a decade working as a creative director and stylist in New York before launching her renowned jewelry brand Bex Rox London, globally known for bold statement pieces and a vibrant playful universe inspired by the natural world.

About this Collection

Explore a world of symbolic indigenous ceremonial textiles, reimagined and up-cycled to bring you sustainable style with compassion. 100% supplied by nature using natural dyes and textiles hand-loomed over the course of several months on the remote eastern Indonesia islands of Timor and Flores. Limited Edition and one-of-a-kind pieces preserving an ancient craft whilst celebrating indigenous wisdom and supporting vulnerable communities of women weavers.

Each piece is the labour of a meticulous design process, from the first sketch to passing through the hands of master artisans. Using solely ethical materials, sustainability is at the core of the studios’ ethos; up-cycled gold and certified responsibly sourced gems are used as part of Bex’s mission to create an eco-system of environmentally friendly and ethical practices.