Geringsing from Bali

Geringsing Pat Likur

Tenganan Pegerinsingan, Bali

The Balinese village of Tenganan Pergerinsingan is one of three place sin the world where double-ikat textiles are made. Double ikat is the demanding process whereby warp and weft threads are ikat dyed independently, then precisely and accurately woven such that motifs coincide to create the patterns in the finished cloth.

Geringsing double ikat textiles are said to be magically protective. With an uncut warp, the geringsing would be used only for ceremonies for the gods and divine ancestors. When a warp is cut, an offering is made, allowing the cloth to be used for human ceremonies.

Double ikat, commercial cotton, single panel, open fringe, natural dyes.

Ikat, tied, dyed and woven in Tenganan Pergeringsingan, Bali, 2019