Noeleke Klavert Batik Collection

    Batiks from the collection of Noeleke Klavert (1946-2021). Noeleke Klavert was an expert in Southeast Asian tribal art with an emphasis on batik textiles and sculptures, as well as Buddhist art, ephemera, jewelry, paintings and beads. He lectured at galleries and museums and loaned many rare objects from his collection to important exhibitions. Indonesian born and raised, Noeleke had first hand knowledge of Southeast Asian culture. Although he lost his sight in 2005, Noeleke found ways to continue working with textiles and developed strong senses of smell and touch with which he could recognize wax and dye materials, allowing him to sense how a cloth was dyed and structured. Information regarding the items in this collection — including the type of batik, the year produced, the area of origin — are from notes Noeleke made when he purchased the textiles. Threads of Life was also fortunate to spend time with Noel pouring over many of the batiks in his collection to begin to understand the complexity of these cloths. It is a privilege to begin to begin recording and curating this collection and bringing it to market.
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