Regal Ornamentation
Regal Ornamentation
Regal Ornamentation
Regal Ornamentation
Regal Ornamentation

Regal Ornamentation


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The culture of neighboring Savu and Rai Jua islands places great weight on ancestry, birthplace, and community life. While many have converted to Christianity, the traditional belief system, Jingi Tiu, still prevails. It requires all village members to participate in rituals and ceremonies, in which textiles play an important role.

This cloth, a tubular skirt called ei raja, is worn by members of the Hubi Ae or Greater Blossom lineage. Its name refers to the three stripes of supplementary warp patterns crossing the piece, a technique called raja in Savunese.

The ikat motif, labba, symbolizes the head ornament or crown worn by a king, and can only be made by Wini Ga weavers, who are descendants of the king of Savu.

Information about the makers will be supplied with each cloth.

Warp ikat, supplementary warp patterning, three panels stitched together and sewn as a tube, commercial cotton, natural dyes. Ikat tied, dyed and woven in Sabu, 2018. Size 178 x 62 cm / 70 x 24.5 in

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